Frequently Asked Questions Pertaining to the Delivery & Set-up Process

  •          Do you offer free delivery and set-up? Yes, within a 50 mile radius. The cost is only $2.00 per mile over 50 miles.
    Proper set-up includes leveling your building with blocks and/or wedges that we supply.

  •         How much of a clear path is required for a successful delivery? Delivery of a Southeastern Building requires a
    clear path of at least one (1’) foot wider than the building purchased and at least a thirteen (13’) foot six (6”) inches in height.

  •         How do I know if my building will fit in the place that I want my building to go? Rule of thumb: Double the length
    of the building you’re purchasing or moving and add 10 feet. (Example: 12’ wide x 24’ long = 24’ length x 2 = 48’ + 10’ = 58’, so
    you’ll need at least 58’ for delivery and set-up.) At times, we’re often asked to turn and/or shift the building around for proper
    placement; this is not out of the ordinary. If you’re unsure about placement of your building, with your request, we do offer a
    free site inspection within a 35 mile radius. If, from the site inspection, we see that we are not able to deliver your building, don’t
    despair, within a 35 mile radius, we have the ability to erect your building on-site for an additional fee.

  •         What things must I do to prepare the site where I want my building to go? (This includes move jobs) Take a visual
    look at the area where you want your building placed. The delivery truck and *trailer, {* if the building is over 24’ in length},
    often requires more room than many anticipate. A common obstacle could be a fence gate or even as simple as an extended
    overhang on your house or garage. Making yourself aware of the location of your septic tank and water pipes is also helpful.
    Tree limbs, stumps, and other debris must be cleared away. Items such as grills, swing sets, firewood, cars, etc. must be moved
    from the delivery path and building location. Staking out the building site in order to eliminate confusion is always a good idea.
    Making sure these things are completed in advance, not at time of delivery, insures a safe and successful delivery.

  • If the delivery driver has to move these items for you or trim limbs, etc., with the discretion of the delivery driver present, there
    may be an additional $75.00 delivery charge per hour, with a minimum of a one hour charge. All pets need to be restrained or
    confined at time of delivery. If, when our driver arrives, he sees that a delivery can’t be made due to such obstructions
    mentioned above, with the discretion of the delivery driver present; there may be a $75.00 return fee, which could be more,
    depending on location.

  •          How do I know if a permit is required? Southeastern Buildings is not responsible for portable building permits,
    covenant requirements, zoning, title searches, etc. Some counties and cities require a building permit before a building can be
    delivered. The cost of this permit usually isn’t that substantial. If you’re unsure whether you need a permit, you should call your
    zoning and planning office letting them know that you’re looking to purchase a “Portable Storage Building” and they will supply
    you with this information.

  • Special Note: Wet weather is generally not suitable for delivering a portable storage building. If your storage building is
    scheduled to be delivered and you think your yard is too wet for delivery, please call for rescheduling. Due to weather and
    other ground conditions, the delivery truck could get stuck. If our delivery personnel state that the delivery site is too wet and
    the customer insist that they proceed with delivery, Southeastern Portable Buildings, Inc. will not be responsible for fees that
    may occur; these fees may include wrecker services, etc.


One of Southeastern Building's primary goals has
always been keeping you a satisfied customer. We
realize your choice in choosing us to supply you with
a storage building was a well thought out decision. In
conjunction with your purchase and the delivery
process of your building, the following are some
commonly asked questions and answers directly
pertaining to the delivery and set up process.
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Delivery / Set-Up / Move Jobs
Proper set-up includes leveling your building
with blocks and/or wedges that we supply.